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Reviews for "Miss.Dynamite VIII"


The voices...in the first part they were speaking at the same time it hurts my head.
well humor...Pokemon... ok...


buttstreak boys DIE!!

I really didn't get the grip

I think it was ingles (english)

Not so sure about the sound

I can tell they're speaking English with French subtitles, but the sound isn't the best so half the time I can only make out half of what they're saying. Also it's short, you should combine several of them like you did with 1-5.

well it's okay

some people say that they can't understand which language they speak.
i can hear loud and clear that they are speaking englich and i can read french so the subtitles were a help for me too. but maybe it could've been a distraction to other people and the sound effects were kinda crappy but the humor was allright.