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Reviews for "Miss.Dynamite VIII"


VET C[][]L!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Wow, that was alot better than Miss Dynamite VII :-) Good to see.. I hope they get better :-)

was good

needed more flow cuz wen ppl talked it ran together and was hard to hear

12/10 Good Work

Graphics 10 - All the gore and weapons
Style 10 - All the gore and fighting
Sound 10 - Voices for the first time on Miss Dynamite
Violence 10 - You can guess why
Interactivity 10 - I didn't get to vote, but I'm glad others did
Humor 10 - Lol, Pokémon cards (I love them)
Overall 10 - because it's Miss Dynamite

That was ok

I liked the killing, but the holograms were incoherant. All I heard was jibberish, please fix if you can/care.