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My first attempt at a Flash Game, be ruthless. Can't improve without constructive criticism.

You are Guy, the blue and grey sphere man who can bear arms and explosives. Fight your way through various platform based terrain and enemies collecting coins and defeating the two bosses.

Left/Right Arrows = Movement
Up Arrow = Jump
Left Control = Sword attack (if you have the sword -- default at level 3)
Shift = Bomb drop (if you have bombs)

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not the best game ever(mine firast one was bad)
and when you are in the air and you are about to touch a coin press up when you touch it you will jump in mid air

no good

it was bad it wasnt hard or anything but it was just stupid that you cant restart as soon as you die


By the looks of it, im guessing you used the platformer tutorial on kirupa.com. The game was pretty good, character is different .


I'll start this review at the beginning, and end at the end of the game. For one, why is the file size so big, for such a small game? Also, I kept falling through platforms...=/
You didn't have to touch enemies to die, you'd get close to them and fall over. Try to find some script tutorials that will tell you how to reset the character automatically after death, so you don't have to have an annoying 'reset' button.
Also, when you get a game over, you shouldn't have to go through the beginning credits scene.
That's pretty much it, as far as I could tell.


i liked the graphics actualy i thought it was different. but way to hasrd for me. the
gravity was way to low, it needs to b more realists with gravity, so u can time ur steps better

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3.02 / 5.00

Aug 19, 2007
6:57 PM EDT
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