Dawning of Darkness 4

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***Note*** If you don't like Shadow, or the idea of Sonic losing/being beaten up. Then don't watch this series.

***Sorry about the large file size, :|***

***ATTENTION MAC USERS*** If you have a Mac you may experiance a slowdown, mainly if you have a LOW RAM, so I'd reccomend Low Quality in this case.

***Also remember use the space-bar for the "Dialouge and Character Description parts in the movie. I can't stress that enough. So please remember that.***

Well, it's basically the next eps. in the series. This one has a lot of new twists and turns. Such as Chaos TH and his brother Kiritsu (Kiritsu is my own Character). Luigi gets kidnapped and those of you who've seen my intro know what's to come of that. Metal Sonic gets upgraded to a new body as Mecha Sonic and defies his programming as he is often one to do. Shadow ascends to his next dark level as well as makes off with a Yoshi egg. A new experiment is sure to come out of this. Also the robot plumber, Metal Mario, another robtoic experiment of Shadow's shall be brought to life from the data that was absorbed by Mecha Shadow in the previous eps. I'd say about 3 weeks to a month I've been working on this. I put a hell of a lot of time and effort into this one. I've improved with much. My sprite edits have gotten better. I took full advantage of Flash MC filters, and other things it has to offer. Let's not forget the Vcam. I tried out my Bud Alvin's 16k frame limit trick so that I don't need to worry about the number of frames I use in a movie. So since this one is over 16k frames, it will be a little longer, but with a lot of new action and twists. Well nothing left to say so, sit back, relax, maybe grab a snack, and enjoy the show.

Peace Out, :D

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a hey guys i am new here

this awesome series or awesome flash is special you know what? 1. entering mario world in to mobius ( this was from part 2) 2. mario and yoshi uses master emerald and it is not their power source ( since in mario games you have to get a star to tunr to super mario) 3. all flashes designs the hero as he defeats evil but in this flash the villain designed to be the one who beat the hero (since shdow is beating up sonic) 4. mecha knuckles and mecha amy and tails was not excisted before it was your idea! (that message for creator p.s) 5. shadow is the main charecter (1st flash to do this ) 6. awesome music! 7. great scenecs and action 8. best one! 9. no one can make like you! 10. must be voted 100000000000000000000000/5

SHADOW YOU ARE A ******* MOTHER ****** AND...thats why ur Epic!

Best one yet. Awsome Fight!

This one was beyond epic and can you tell me the name of the song from the main menu????

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Aug 16, 2007
12:41 AM EDT