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13 v1.1

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Our first game resubmitted with the tab cheat fixed and some hints and tips on the strategy. You have 13 seconds to collect all the green pills. Use your mouse to hover over the very middle of them. You get 13 points if you complete a level.

HINT - Start from the bottom and snake up line by line. DON'T just wiggle the mouse over them or you won't even get close. It takes about 5-10 goes and then it will just click and you will be able to do it everytime.

HINT 2 - You have 1 second to collect each line. If you miss one, go back later to get it, try not to break your flow.

Some say this is too hard, some say impossible. It isn't, it just takes a bit of practise, but that's what games are about! This game tests your hand to eye co-ordination to the very limit!

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Argh, too difficult! I've probably tried ten times already, and it does get easier and easier, but it seems there's always some dot missed that I have to return for. Maybe I just lack the patient for games like this, but the idea is cool. Even cooler idea: how about making levels where you only need to collect a certain set of dots, like the darker ones that constitute the number? I thought that was the point at first. Keep it going! Really smooth interface otherwise btw.


good one

once again, this v1.1 version of 13 was pretty good.. and the 13 second time limit was a nice way to add a good challenge to it. i found it to be a little simpler.. only because i know get the concept to it and know what to expect. it's still a lot of fun to play and your efforts are nice. hopefully you make more versions of this '13' game, its quite nice. its not really hard once you get the hang of it really, but it does have a good challenge.

personally, I think these reviews suck

all the people who are writing reviews saying "OMG too hard...) are spazzes. They're just saying it because they are n00bas. Great game, a little bit challengin, but you can get the hang of it...

Happyfat responds:

Thankyou for your review. It is weird how people play the game once. Say its too hard and then review it as a bad game.

OMG 9 seconds!!!

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kinda good

not bad but hard to complete the first level if people do complete this i appluade them because they have a quick mouse hand but overall its very smooth and a good game good luck for future games here an idea use the same concept but instead of 13 use 50 it would be mych easier