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Reviews for "13 v1.1"

kay so

this gane is addicitng and i like it.
simple concept, fun game :D


I don't care for it. The difficulty is determined exclusively by two factors, neither of which are things a game should require you to change:

1. Your mouse sensitivity setting (which I usually have high because I run a rather large resolution), and
2. Your frame rate (as I swept across a row the cursor would often jump over a dot, making it very difficult to complete the level for a reason beyond my control).

To fix this, you might have the game trace an imaginary line across the known locations of mouse movement and clear any dots along those lines.

Dumbest thing I've seen today

And if you knew what kind of day I have had, you would definately appreciate that statement.
There was no point to this except to wiggle your mouse around and...no thats about it, just wiggle your mouse around.
Thrills and spills, baby.

Happyfat responds:

Dumbest review ive seen today!


this game is rediculus... but somehow fun at the same time????

Nice work

Not bad ... not bad at all... Its kinda tough at first ^^ but i like it