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Made this for an english project last year.

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Good job! But where's the sound? :D

Reminds me of Spy vs Spy meets the Roadrunner and the Coyote. The only thing that really brought the score down was the lack of sound. Other than that, great!

SFX, please

You need sound FX and some BG music. This falls flat without it.

It looks great as far as animation goes, but, man you really are missing ou with no sound FX.

Good start, but needs some work.

The graphics are good, the Roadrunner/Coyote theme works well, and overall the flash shows a lot of promise. However, the number one thing it needs is sound. Also, you might want to add a little more originality; other than the initial broomstick/wand bit, I saw nothing that I didn't recognize directly from a RR/CY cartoon. Think about the premise you have- the characters are wizards. What is a wizard doing with a big rubber band or catapult? He's a WIZARD, not a coyote. Maybe he sets magical traps that don't quite work right; maybe he leaves a sabotaged wand for his nemesis to pick up, then ends up setting it off on himself; who knows? But he definitely shouldn't be acting like a coyote with an ACME fetish. In a similar vein, why do they have to be in the desert, as opposed to some more traditional wizard-type environment? You've got a good starting point, you just need to develop it further.

4/5- I rate generously because you have potential.


Nice parody love the graphics

Try to come up with your own ideas

Also put some sound in.

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3.54 / 5.00

Jul 15, 2007
9:27 PM EDT
Comedy - Original