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SuperVillain II

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EDIT- Thanks for frontpage!
EDIT 2 - People keep asking about the music, so songs in order of appearance are:
Bazooka Tube by Sulek
Festive Sounds of Rachel by Patrick Hoctor
It probably helps if you have seen the original SuperVillain: http://www.newgrounds.com /portal/view/364913
All my work is done by hand with pens and colored pencils, computers are only involved in editing and putting in titles, etc. This film is the result of probably around 40-50 hours of work total.
For more animations, higher quality files, and a Monday thru Friday webcomic, visit my site at http://barfquestion.com

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the majoras mask's moon's cousin.

low bubget

Low budget costumes can be awesome.


Freaking heroes. I am now Supervillain's #1 fan! I'll probably still get slapped in the face with a spatula by him, but who cares, HE NOTICES ME!!! :D


Dude, he is epic if he can dodge a rapid fire lazer gun.


The lovable douche we all want to be. With, not one, but two spatulas!

I giggled like a little school girl, well done sir!