Reviews for "SuperVillain II"

Super, very awesome song!

Gotta watch again to hear that song.

Great Style and music and sound.
Bird poop gun is funny, and vending machines in general are dangerous.

Congrats on the front page!

Pretty Cool liked the style

That was nice i give you your props

I start my day with a Supervillain flash daily

Do you have any idea where I can FIND the songs you used? I can't find Sulek or Patrick Hoctor anywhere!

BarfQuestion responds:

i'm trying to get them to release some stuff, but no progress as of yet. i will certainly let everyone know if and when anything does get released. thanks!


another great one shows how to deal with the hero 5 thumbs up


a villain wearing a cardboard box on his head beat a mechanized hero witha spatula, I never would have believed it if I hadn't seen it.