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*If laggy, lower quality and turn off filters (button on bottom of main menu*

Everything by me!

First AS3 and musically sync'd project I've ever done. For the Rockout Contest. I'm going away on vacation, and won't be back until after the end of the contest. Not wanting to be left out, I threw this together over the last couple days. Enjoy! :D

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god game ps been along time since someone reveiwed

idk wut to say

good menu music isnt a remix of dbz music


there is no relation between how you move/ fire and the beat of the song. not terrible but not good. the music is the same (not bad or good).

This should've been in an arcade.

First off, great music tracks. The game is definitely worth going through if you're an avid music fan, and it's fun to go through even if you're not. It's not a continuous sidescroller, which adds a little more challenge since it goes and stops with the music ( kind of like Dance Dance Revolution but without the dancing). It's cool to zone out to and just chill/tripp. This would have made a cool arcade game if you would have made it a little more challenging. I see a score, but I saw no scoreboard or High Score holder, which was a little disappointing. It's not completely original, but it's a good product. Overall I'd say it's a decent game and I appreciate the upload. Kudos again for the music.


i agree with teenagedace ... only i like odd numbers