Sliding Away

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A simple techno-y trancy song i made a while ago. suprisingly addicting

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Great job.

This song is both catchy and could be played for long periods of time. Great for gaming with. Found that this song could also be great as a credit song to something like the end of a game of something similar. ^_^
I'd also like to say that I agree with Yokomeso that it does sound like the chicken boss lvl in earth worm Jim. ^_^


i think that the song atm seems kinda thin
but i love it
great job:D

un tis un tis un tis

nice beat. love the song, but it gets a little repetitive after awhile.


I dont Know IDK y, but this song reminds me of the level in Earthworm Jim For Sega Gensis where you fight that robot chicken flying thing that poops out explosive eggs.

I think its pretty good, but it needs some more depth to it because i feel it can't support itself alone, if u kno wat i mean. it might work with a game or somrthing but not much more then that, but it has the potential to be so much more!

dude, thats awsome

My newest favorite techno song :p