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Super Pico AllStars

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Arrow Keys - Move
Z - Punch
X - Kick
Enter - Pause

EDIT: AI fixed most glitches.

Oh snap Pico Day. My friends and I thought of this game at school one day and decided to make it. It's sort of a Street Fighter-type game so hopefully you'll like it. Happy Pico Day!

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tactic to beat every boss, jump kick

I'm not a fan of fighting games however when I heard so much great stuff about Pico, I was interested. However when I played it, I found the controls to be annoying. I like to control the character using W, A, S and D however this game uses the arrow keys as the control method which can get annoying. On top of that, Z and X being the attack buttons was annoying and made my arm hurt after a while due to how close my hands were from the keyboard to my body at all times. The Difficulty wasn't too bad as I was able to beat it with only one death but I do feel like for most of the game I was just button mashing and hoping that I would hit the characters. I beat the entire story mode however I don't see myself playing the game again (In Story Mode, at least). Overall, a pretty mediocre game. It has some fun fights but at some points can feel like I'm just teadiously button mashing.

It's a shame this was given such a poor rating because people can't handle abit of challenge, i thought it was pretty fun

How does one unlock the characters for versus and practice mode?

Great game

Wow I have to say that is really a great game the character mechanics are really nice the action points and music are really nice too some great graphics so nice game here and great characters, an outstanding game here and no need for any changes on this one.

no changes needed its a fantastic game


Credits & Info

2.97 / 5.00

Apr 30, 2007
2:12 PM EDT