60 seconds to nightfall

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EDIT: sound toggle added while in-game! Bottom right corner is the button!

For some reason even I don't know... you are a bouncing ball avoiding spikes and trying to catch points before nightfall... which is in 60 seconds!!!

The size should be 300x200 but I've been told it's too small so I have doubled the canvas size for NG.

My first sponsored game =) Thanks to Legitgames.com

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It was allright

It was allright and all, but yeah.. it wasn't something to new or intresting, BUT i voted 4 just to be nice :)

Try to make a kind of different game next time, a little more intresting.

Well good luck to you!


It's a bit tricky here and there, but I like that.

It's fairly simple, and quite fun.

My only objection is that the music loop is annoyingly short.

mooseisloose responds:

I'm working on the music loop as we speak.

its cool

the art is not to detailed. but neither am mine so.. =P
its not bad tho. the concept is also good.
the music was ok, but you should add a mute button.

mooseisloose responds:

Yeah with all the sound comments I might have to add one... but until I do just turn your speakers down/off =p

Interesting concept, bad execution

It's a nice little game, but there are some points that need to be improved.
1. Why do you permit only one "Pause" by game ? I don't see how somebody could cheat by using the pause.
2. Music. The loop is kind of short, and sounds really bad. Use a better music - try NG Audio Portal for free music.
3. Sounds. Lacks sound effects.
4. The 3 "ennemies" come too soon in the game, and the difficulty gets higher too fast.
That's all.

mooseisloose responds:

1. You could just keep pausing and unpausing slowing the game down so you can easily plan where to move.
2. This was from the AP lol, and yeah most people find it annoying, will search harder next time!
3. There were a few really bad sound effects in it but the music killed them so I removed them.
4. Yeah I just realized that, will make the difficulty get higher slower in future games.


utter shit... i jest, good really :P

don't ask why i put humour to 5, i just felt it was quite fun in a humourous way avoiding the spiked balls :P

pretty addicting too :P

mooseisloose responds:

Asshole... not really =p

Thanks for the good review but spiked balls are not something to laugh about! =(

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3.43 / 5.00

Apr 23, 2007
11:22 AM EDT
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