Reviews for "60 seconds to nightfall"

nice job!

very good job... i think this is very cool and i hope u make more like this!!!!!!

mooseisloose responds:

Thanks! I like making games like this too, but I am going to try and make a full-size game before I make anymore minigames =)


utter shit... i jest, good really :P

don't ask why i put humour to 5, i just felt it was quite fun in a humourous way avoiding the spiked balls :P

pretty addicting too :P

mooseisloose responds:

Asshole... not really =p

Thanks for the good review but spiked balls are not something to laugh about! =(

its cool

the art is not to detailed. but neither am mine so.. =P
its not bad tho. the concept is also good.
the music was ok, but you should add a mute button.

mooseisloose responds:

Yeah with all the sound comments I might have to add one... but until I do just turn your speakers down/off =p

Decent game.

HORRIBLE song, though. I know you just looked at whatever was on top of the AP charts at the time, but you have to know that scores in the AP don't mean everything.

The game itself was alright. Nothing spectacular. You could have used some in-game sound (besides that God-awful song), and some collision would have been nice (instead of just overlapping balls).

Worth passing, but barely. If you choose to touch up this game, the first thing I'd recommend is changing the music >_>

mooseisloose responds:

I liked the music, and some others seem too as well, although many find it annoying. Also I took a good 45 mins or so looking for suitable music but I couldn't find any! I was determined to use the AP though.


It's a bit tricky here and there, but I like that.

It's fairly simple, and quite fun.

My only objection is that the music loop is annoyingly short.

mooseisloose responds:

I'm working on the music loop as we speak.