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flash api tutorial v 1.0

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This tutorial will introduce you to the different functions of Flash API

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Informative but some bad choices

This has some useful information and is a good resource, however the text is hard to read. Red on black with thin wispy lines is headache inducing. Arial or Courier New may be boring but they are easy to read, and when you are trying to convey information having cool text is not a priority.
I think red text on a black background is also a bad choice, generally dark text on a light background are, again, much easier to read. Your red is very saturated which makes focusing on the text more difficult than it should be.


I am the saviour!
Congratulations! As Saviour, following Dragon tradition I shall review it:

As far as I can see, this only teaches you things which are relatively easy to do freehand anyway- straight lines and boxes aren't exactly rocket science. I imagine it really comes in for some kind of drawing as part of a programme, so I would think it more useful if you explained how to use it in one or gave an example of putting it into a programme.

It would probably have been better to have some kind of examples at the beginning to show us what we are aiming for-

I didn't like the fancy font. Its OK for a few titles but hard to read thin red lines of it on black. The spelling is relatively good for NG. I only spotted one to instead of a too.

It looked generally good. the music was't my taste, but thats OK, it wasn't playing to start with, and it had three choices and an off button, which is good. However, when you click on a new one it doesn't switch off the old one and they both play at once. I think a Stop all Sounds needs to be built into the buttons.

it was ok

nice to look at the finished picture
couldnt make sence if any of it but u tried

ya know

i will actually refer to this if i need help on flash

I didn't like it

I like that you are shearing your knowledge with the rest of NG
But... it could have been constructed better

Its a good idea to show people what the tutorial will make, before you start throwing lots of code at them

Reconsider the font and colours you use, it has to be easy to read