The Accident##

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Author Comments

Drawn with a mouse
Took me 1 day in total but it was spread out amongst 3 days because i was busy elsewhere.
This animation was mainly made for visual elements practice but then half way through i realised thet you cant even see most of the details because i made it so small...damn
Keep those reviews coming! i'll respond to each and every1 if i can!

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i like ur flash and all, especially syslyphus or what's it's name (it is a bit hard to remember)
so i gave it 10/10 and 5/5

CatFat responds:

wow, thanks for giving such positive reviews to All of my animations :S
thank you! :D


First off I think it's important to say that no matter what the visible qualities of this flash were, the message was the most important part. Sure, it might not change anything but it's still something that needs to be hammered into the way people think.

Secondly, the graphics. The boys were incredibly well drawn Especially the one who ran away. I think I liked his drawing more because he didn't have a black outline like the other one. The way they moved was also very fluid and realistic. The way their hair was flung around was quite admirable, and if you could do the same with clothing I feel it would make it even better. Your call though, I don't feel it is absolutely necessary.
The blood was a little strange. It was very good in the first moments of spillage, but when it trickled down the road it seemed to be a little jerky an sudden. However, the glistening effect was very, very well done.
The truck could have had a little more than just a shape that moved, even if it was a very well drawn shape.
The backgrounds were superb. I really noticed the sun and how it gave the sky a red tint.

The sound was good. Realistic noises from the boys, the sound effects were good and there wasn't anything overly intrusive to the rest of the environment of the flash.

I think a replay button would have been appreciated, as it took more than one viewing to really appreciate everything, instead of having to wait a long time for it to go back to the start. I understand that you wanted people to take time out to read the message but if you left that about 4 or 5 seconds and then slowly faded a replay button in, that would be a little better I feel.

Concerning the writing, I think that the title was just a little too bright and harder to read than it could have been, and the font for the ending was just terrible. Everything else had a grace and smoothness to it and then the message was just jerky and harsh.

All in all, a very pleasing effort that makes me want to see more flash from you. Keep it up!

CatFat responds:

Im very pleased to see that my work taken into such consideration and people like you motivate me to do more and work harder. im so glad that you noticed the minor details that i had spent a lot of time on with the first boy only then to realise how small it was.. This had been a slightly rushed animation so aspects such as the blood weren't always handled with the utmost of care and the reason to why the message at the end was so badly displayed is because the document itself was already so small plus with me zooming in at the end, the text didn't contain enough pixels to present it properly.
The reason i haven't got a replay button on any of my animations, as you may have noticed, is because i simply don't know how to make one...damn.
Thank you for your amazing attention and consideration for my animation and i hope that you can find the time to review my future animations.

.....thats it....

i thought at least cops would go after the other kid. to short.moral stories need there own section(do they have one?)

CatFat responds:

it wasn't based on a moral actually it just ended up having 1...but eh yh no 2 will deal with the other kid! if i can b bothered or find the time to make it...

at least it has a moral

ok graphics no real interactivity,
but it has a moral

CatFat responds:

yh moral always makes up for everything else doesnt it!?lol

Pretty good graphics.

It's pretty hard to draw frame by frame. The graphics were awesome considering that you did it frame by frame. It was, like you said, really small. Also it was a bit short. It was a bit too graphic to add a morale to the end. The only problem I had with this was I was about twelve, this exact same incident happened when my friend and I were doing this. Fortunately his life wasn't taken, but the semi did crush his body from the waste down. I'm not saying this is a bad flash. Only that the morale is directed towards the wrong audience.

CatFat responds:

sorry i didn't actually mean to offend anybody... but i like that u acknowledged that it is frame by frame. I just started out with a rough animatic at 1st

Credits & Info

3.50 / 5.00

Apr 9, 2007
1:33 PM EDT