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this game consists of 3 mini games related to shooting. the highscore system is offline just now because of some problems with the name/score etc. instructons come with each indivitual game. please enjoy

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I'm going to be honest here, this is not one of the best games I've played.

The game select menu was functional, yet strangely lackluster, which is a theme I found throughout the games.

The shooting game was a decent idea badly executed. The targets all came out of the same places at the same time, and when I played, I had no idea I was hitting anything because there were no gunshots, no holes in the target, nothing happened.

When I got to the end I was told "well done, you hit 38 targets". Is that it? No reward? No grade? Is that good or bad?

"Copter Chaos"
Again, no reward for hitting X amount of prisoners. The game confused me a little because nothing happened when I hit them. There was no background, just badly animated people running around a white background.

"Car Chase"
Well for starters there's no car chase involved, the graphics were, again, bad. Once more there were no reactions when I hit something, and no reward. It was too short as well, more tme would be nice.

- Sound FX for the guns and vehicles
- A grading system for scores
- Better graphics
- Different music
- Varied target locations
- Reactions from targets

Other than that, it's okay.

The Future...

This game contains fewer glitches than your other submissions, and I think this idea has potential. What I would recommend is after you figure out the kinks with these games you find one idea you like and stick with it, doing many of the things MrBobo64 said. I realize that right now you are in a semi-learning state, but it is important to note that the best games take sometimes months to complete. I hope in the near future you decide on one idea an bring it to a perfect state! Good Luck!

spex13 responds:

I am already designing another "The B Files" game because that is my best idea

come on now, the idea is just peachy fine

but the difference between ordinary and extraordinary is that little extra. there are so many little things to add that would barely take any time at all. Like bullet holes in the targets, maybe the prisoners actaully dying, better backgrounds and graphics, lots of little things. Also, you could continaully shoot the same target, even when it was behind the wall.


I was able to get up to 75 hits on the target shooter once I realized that I can just click the hell out of one target and the score keeps going up. The same happens with the copter one, all I have to do is sit in one area and click like a madman to rack up the points. The car one was ok but would be nice if there was some sort of reaction in the window or tire when I hit it. With the target game it would be nice if they came out of different areas as well instead of all from the top of the screen. Fix 'er up a bit and resubmit I suggest.

spex13 responds:

yes I will fix these things when I fix the highscores

needs work

This needs more touching up.

spex13 responds:

yes, well what parts?

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1.25 / 5.00

Mar 31, 2007
2:49 PM EDT
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