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This is the first YP I ever made. The sound is very bad and story is slow. Please check out the ROCK OPERA-episode instead. It is better and tells the same story!

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This Y-town series is getting me pretty interested as it goes on even more you have something really good first off the characters are just right and have some good end results they all have a "CERTAIN-PERSONALITY" about them and bring fourth some nice entertainment value.

The voices could be more clear maybe ad some subtitles.


I don't think this holds up very well. Its main flaw was that it was too long. I was expecting the first episode to be much shorter. The animation is pretty much hit and miss. It works some of the time. Other times, it doesn't add up well with the dark outlines. It really stuck out.

I have seen other 2001 animation and it can be much better. The voicework could have been better too. It seemed like people were too close to the mike. At least this won Daily Feature. It's a pretty original concept, I guess.

Not that good

But for way back in 2001 it actually isn't all that bad I mean it doesn't have the worst 2001 quality and it has a very nice storyline and plot for a series opener it has great promise in the future episodes although the quality could be improven.

Great pilot episode.

It was a great start for a great series,even though it was shorter than normal Ytown episodes also the voice acting was really good as well,nice job.


It wasnt great but it wasnt terrible, I'm sure that your work will get better