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Chase 'n' Pac-Man 2

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Chase and Pac-man squabble again!

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You know, it really is impressive with what you can do with Pac-Man. There's no plot in the game, but you can still do parodies of him. I'm especially impressed by the animation. They move quite well. I know what this is like. Okay, I haven't had my brother's girlfriend move in.

Well, he doesn't have one. I know what it's like to have a roommate who doesn't work. Then again, he is...oh this is getting too personal. I thought this could have been shorter. It needed more jokes for its length.

wacka wacka wacka! ha ha hillarious

lol p.s theres a bug after the movie ends you can see the title the number 2 is not there right click select rewind then the number 2 will come back.p.s.s lololololololololoololololoololollolo loloolollololoolololol

LMFAO "I can't fit in the shower!"

Quote: I'm Going to make you pay (Guy)
(Pacman) How you make pay
(Guy punches Pacman)
(pacman Died)
(GF pacman cry and went )
(Pacman) Do you know how long it took me to get another life ?

LOL i love this and keep it uppp