Reviews for "Chase 'n' Pac-Man 2"


Really nice piece of flash, keep up the good work!


It was funny, but the jokes were a bit bland. Where is the randomness that i know and love TN?

That is not cool.

Nethir is this movie.You should of just left it alone insted of ruining it with a sequil.

But you did,oh well.

hmmmmm i don't know

this was pretty lame a must say. I mean pac-man is funny because its pacman but this chase character just seems outta place with the tomorrows nobodies. Ben seemed to be a lot better in the old videos. Anyways now for the constructive critisism. The graphics were kinda sketchy and didn't seem to be any voice syncing at all with mouths so i guess that is do to laziness. animation was about average though, it had a nice theme to it. voice acting needs a lot of work for the chase character. Not sure how to describe it i guess ill go with what the last guy said.(seems a little forced acting) along those lines. Needs a lot of fine tuning then it might be up to the tomorrows nobodies standards. keep working at it

overrated by far

its a funny little short but i mean common.... above 4.00 score? im not gonna get into why that its rated this hell because everybody will know already so then ill just get into the basic judgement. average animation and good suitable humor for everyone. I like pac-man because i liked the games going way back and its a funny little spin off you made of him.
Dislikes (this will be more personal opinion then constructive critisism but then i guess thats what these reviews are for)
i don't really like that chase character at all. I don't know, i just don't find him funny at all in any way and with his voice acting it always sounds like he is trying way to hard to voice act which should sound more fluent and natural. As a fan of tomorrows nobodies i never knew what happened to Ben. He wasn't really a key role in it but he was always there and i liked him a lot more. what ever happened to him? anyways thats more off topic. Overall average animation, decent comedy and just need to work on the fine details.

Tomorrows-Nobody responds:

You're the fuckin' dumbest person I've seen in a while.