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The Camel Spider

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Edit: I'm really glad a lot of people enjoy this. Thanks for all the honest reviews. I do read them all.

I heard stories about how soldiers in Iraq have to deal with these things. Seriously, check them out and read up on them. Scary, but interesting. Just make sure you're not falling for any of the rumors about them. They're not even spiders!

I got this idea back in October, but only about a month ago did I start animating this. Short and sweet. I hope you like it.

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AAAAAAAAAAARGH! I HATE SPIDERS! F***! Can't stand them! especially the camel spider, now that it's ben declaied the Worlds most dangere "Animal" yes, animal, that's how big it is. Gross

Just as the reviewers said below, it was an epic animation, the animation was smooth and the exaggerated emotions and actions made the animation interesting to look at while I like how he tried to make friend with the spider at the end which makes you relaxes and than surprises you with a bite. Ouch! Left me laughing at the end.

lol totally epic

why did you offer it water

Know something Ironic, its not even a spider its a solifugae though it is sub species of the arachnid. most arent even poisenous you big baby, though they do have a nasty bacteria prone for infection. So stop being a pussy running from it.