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Reviews for "The Camel Spider"

XD this made me lough

you should mak another one becouse i like this one alot and it is funny also i lik how he gets bite becouse he tried giving the spider some water and it bite him in is middle fingr if you look carefully


I love the animation and the look of the video. Anybody that's been in the military, much less ROTC would know that a soldier should never place his barrel into the dirt. This can lead to a misfire or even possible barrel explosion. Otherwise, this was a very funny video.

Its so small...

Yeah I've held one of those things, it was bigger than my head (and with an ego as big as mine thats a f***ing huge head!)

And no it was not alive, I made sure of that.


At first he realized the spider just wanted shade...awww.
Being nice the soldier offered some water for the spider. Spider bit him...fuck spiders.

ow you lil prick "punts" GOAL!!!!!!!

honestly id bite him to what if the spider wasnt thirsty he probably was saying dont waste any water u dumb fuck if you havent notice we r in the middle of nowhere. but anyway id just keep chasing after it until i finally kill it no way am i letting those things stay to close to me ive seen alot of pics of what those lil suckers can do like eating half the flesh on your leg their poison is like an anesthetic and numbs you while your asleep then just chows down after its full it will hide in bags or other tight hard to see areas so sometimes those soldiers carried camel spiders with them in their back packs another true fact is that they dont like sunlight very much and can dig underground plus they arnt really spiders just wanna bes. they r really a type of scorpion with no tail