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-Cupids Quest-

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Happy Valentines Day!

Art by BlackFang
Coding by Donutmaster

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pretty desent game,good graphics,flying around,reminds me of those old zelda games somehow.

first of all,need different foes,second,cupid should be able to find health,third,need a pause button,forth,foes could use some health instead of instant kill,fifth,add modes.
it was a nicely done game 7/10 :)

its ok...

dont really like it but its ok. bad graphics tho wasn't a total waste of time


This game is really good and actioney...if thats a word...
I topped the hi-scores!!!


^^Good Points^^
The graphics were very good, definitely the best part of this as with most Armor games submitted here on NG. The game ran pretty smoothly. It was quite challenging and the highscore list is cool.

^^Needs Improving^^
Not really all that interesting to play. The controls are a little hard to get used to, which is a little bit annoying and overall there wasn't much in this game to make it stick out much.

it was ok- i guess

why does cupid go right to the top whn u press up, n rite 2 the bottom when u press down? that got on my nerves a litle bit lol