Reviews for "-Cupids Quest-"

haha, nice!

You know, i always like your work my friends :).
This game turned out amazing, nice graphics, a lovely song, and its addictive!.
Maybe some particle effects instead of just an animation when you free those broken hearts? =P
I like it, it will do well =)

-tomylee =D

Another good game

Another good game by "Armor Games" that wasnt really good but it was alright like the highscore system was good i got 15.75K or something like that i as almost finished with it to. good game.


This game is really good and actioney...if thats a word...
I topped the hi-scores!!!

Not bad

It's not a bad game and looks pretty fun though the controls are a little hard to get a grip on. I barely touch the arrow buttons and the little cupid goes flying in one direction. Fix that one little part and it will be a great game.

good one

well, i've never been a fan of valentine's day, but i must say that that was a very nice game. this one had a very nice plot and concept to it, good graphics, nice choice of music from the audio portal, decent humour and entertainment and it was a great way to kill off time.
good work on this one, it was great.