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Update : 27/01/2007
preloader is working.
new scrolling.
now you drop your powerups when you die.

A test with my new flying game engine.
As2 rocks :) this is not the final version.
to find a power up you must kill an escadron of red ships.
there is 12 level of weapon...

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What a rip

I will make it simple. This is Gradius if Gradius was that lonely kid down the block that wants to hang out with the cool kids by copying what they do... only sucking at it.

fun game, horrendous controls!

Actually it's not bad at all. The upgrades are what you expect from this type of game and the enemies have enough variation to keep things interesting. The music i found very fitting and it made me pumped to destroy more and more shit while mashing on the space button as a maniac. Making the shooting non-automatic was also a good move, since it makes the player feel more "into" the action as opposed to just sitting back and holding it in.

However there's one BIG problem here; the controls. It's hard to move the ship and it's very unprecise. Many times i felt that i didn't have that much control and i just couldn't avoid objects/bullets that i normally would. On the first boss for example with the bullet spread;

They come at me and i need to make a swift move. I press "up" and the ships swings out of control. Instead of getting inbetween them i go straight into the bullet above me and die.

Conclusion: The game needs some serious controlling make-over to make it work. The difficulty must come from the enemies themselves, not from terrible, unpredictable controls.


Anyone remember Gradius?...

uninteresting gameplay, unoriginal graphics

not much to say about the gameplay. there are bad ships and you shoot them. you dont even have to move for long periods of time if you just keep mashing the spacebar.

if one of your games big selling points is its slick explosions, maybe you shouldnt have lifted them - and practically every other graphic - directly from blazing star.

Hard, but for the wrong reasons.

This is a beautiful-looking game. However, the enemy bullets were impossible to see. Sure, you could keep track of them if you were looking directly at them, but when you have to focus on dodging the enemy ships, keeping track of exactly where your ship is, trying to plot pathways between bullets from different locations at different angles to try to get a powerup that's hidden amongst them, you run into bullets that you simply don't notice. They blend in with the background of stars, and when they're in front of a bright part of the background picture, they become nearly impossible to see.

This issue is easy to fix, though. The game seemed to have a lot of blues, whites, and reds. Making the bullets a bright purple or outstanding orange would have made them a lot easier to see, especially compared to the subtle offwhite they are now.

Secondly, why do you have to press a button to shoot when there's no reason to ever NOT shoot? You ought to either make the game have autofire or have mechanics that would require you to stop shooting. As it stands, I have to press a button the entire time I'm playing, which gets old quickly.

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3.74 / 5.00

Jan 25, 2007
2:01 AM EST
Action - Shooter - Horizontal Flight