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Gravity Pinball Soaked

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Author Comments

This Is a Gravity pinball game very much like the other Gravity Pinballs created by Whole Meal, I have full permissions from Whole Meal to create and publish this game. If you whish to have this game on there site you are free to take it and do so but do not clame this game as your own.
Note:read on for hints.
I have added a sound options menu(sorry for the large file size).
please note that all the levels are posible to complete, I have completed the game.

Hint 1:
if a rotateing block won't rotate press the space bar and it will rotate wheather or not you're in it.

Hint 2:
press the ' in Jack Lawton's on the main menu to turn on happy mode.

Hint 3:
the password for the secret zone is 'squids'.

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Awesome Game! Used to be.

This game was addicting. For real, I played that game when I was 11. I loved the music, {Blaze}!

Now that I played the game 3 and a half years later, this game was a little more frustrating than it was years ago. The pirahna really angered me. And when I saw it after not playing it, I went like "OMG!" So this game is more frustrating.

P.S. Improve your spelling.

Whew! This flash is dusty. What I mean by dusty is this flash doesn't have another review in a long period of time!


just click on "{Blaze}" underneath the "Author".

Both noobs.

Very good, I expect more from you Jack.


guuy befor me = get it from the audio portal type in cornandbeans he made the song, it rocks dont it ;)


This game pwns. But where can i get the song "blaze"?

i like it it was fun

dude this game is fun as hell man I played it for like 3 hours

Jl59 responds:

thanks glad you enjoyed it, there is now a link on the menu to go to our forums.

Credits & Info

3.39 / 5.00

Jan 20, 2007
8:52 AM EST