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Reviews for "Gravity Pinball Soaked"

Uhm... good game....

I really enjoyed the game!

Oh yeah who ever got stuck on that rotating circle and fish one, there is a go through block.... you have to lure the fish down and then go up (you can even die if you want to) but make sure you don't hit the fish... I beat that and then it won't give you the secret code!!!!! GOD DANGIT!!!! O well... now for my review....

Graphics - you couldn't really improve it very much (consitering that it was supposed to look like that...) Only thing I would do is make more masks and other crap....

Style - umm ok i gave you a seven... hmm this is because I liked your style... lol

Sound - the music was awesome... for about ten minuets, only problem though... no turn off music button!!!!! WORK ON THAT!!!

Violence - lol...

Interactivity - yesh an 8 because you had to move the keys...

Humor - no............................

Good job and perhaps make it so you have lives and either more songs or sound off button... Use my suggestions... it will make you rich! lol....


Jl59 responds:

I've added a sound options menu and in my new up and coming game 'gravity pinball inferno' there will be points and lives.

cool game

a great one if you're bored at school/college/work and if you're procrastinating lol!
music is good but gets a bit annoying after too long (probably cuz i was shit at the game?)

nice game dude keep it up!

Simple and fun!

Simple and fun, even though i have a shirt attention span it kept me interested until one of the levels glitched, after that i couldent be bothered to play, Thumbs up!

I am really bad at it, really, really bad.

Graphics: Good
Style: I liked
Sound: =)
Violence/Humor: --
Interactivity: It controlled well and had good features.
7 and 4, buddy, 7 and 4.


Kinda fun, but it is kinda repetitive ! And the fish should return to his original place when you touch a wall... well... great try !

Here's some of the codes:
zone 2: fish
zone3 : like
zone 4 : purple
zone5 : inked

Bonus 1 : edit
bonus2 : a ( Yeah !!! the code is a !!! )
bonus 3 : super
bonus 4 : cool
bonus 5 : ??? ( there's no password !?! )

hope this will be usefull !!!

Jl59 responds:

there is a password for bounus 5 it's skill and then bones 6 is zone and 7 thing, and if the fish returned after you hit a wall I would find some of the levels imposible!