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Update - Highscore added.

Defend your space station from the attacking alien horde.

You don't have any weapons of your own, but what you do have is a super charged deflector array that can repel enemy missiles. Your objective is to bounce alien missiles back to the alien scum and blow them out of the sky.

Timing is the key to successfully deflecting incoming missiles - the deflector cannot protect the whole station at once and loses power quickly needing to be recharged.

Watch out for power ups, they can mean the difference between surviving a level and being wiped out!

Be prepared, this is a tough game to beat. Goodluck!

Mouse point, click and drag. You can only draw your deflector shield in the circle area surrounding the space station.

P to pause game.

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I could think of what this game would be like, but it was much better than I thought. I really like the music. It was really interesting to have a game that kept you on your toes so much (I say that too much). My favorite upgrade was the one where there were three balls made. Then again, I couldn't really understand the other upgrades, or powerups. It's just a very good game.

At least it managed to win Daily 3rd. There is always something going on here. The sounds were quite good and synched up very well. I like how the enemies have different designs. I'm still not quite sure what their differences are in terms of attack and hits needed to destroy.


Take that gir muahahaha :) good game.

Ok bit slow

Interesting concept but too much of the same thing gets boring. Also hard to aim.


It has a good concept, but it's just too simple, so simple that you can only get 5-10 minutes of fun without getting bored.


its ok..but its boring after a few levels and the music loop is really annoying

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3.99 / 5.00

Dec 24, 2006
9:48 PM EST