Reviews for "Deflector"


i found it hard but it was still a great game.(A nice little twist to space invaders):0)

freeworldgroup responds:

yep a cross between space invaders and arkanoid : - )


woo i beat it! and the level 7 was so damn hard, i died and my 2nd try on it i got lucky, i happened bounce a ball off of another enemy while that one in the corner was open and WHAM dead lol.

the first time i let my self die tho cause i was so angry, i managed to bounce a ball back at my self but when it came back i shot it off at a horrible angle lol

freeworldgroup responds:

it's tricky and killing that last alien is always a killer if you don't get him early.


i liked this game a lot, the music was a bit repetitive, and i couldnt find a pause feature, but then i clicked the menu button and it paused it.
so, have a good day!

freeworldgroup responds:

thanks : - )

great game, just one thing

i found this a great game, nice idea, it could have let me played some more if there wasn't this annoying sort of bug in the game

you see, in stage 7, the round thing totally on the left top, when youve killed all the other things and that is the only one left, you cant hit him, because your bullets are too slow, he hides too quickly, or he comes back too slow, pls take a look at it,
but at a overall, this is a very amusing game, they should make it on the ds :P
thx for watching my review
make some more games, you can do it

freeworldgroup responds:

see comments below - it can be killed : - )

Talk about challenging!

Now this is an awesome game. Creative, brilliant idea, such simple enemies that cause such an enormous challenge! It was incredible getting just the right angle of deflection to nail an enemy while being fast enough to deflect all the other projectiles! I spent untold time getting up to level 6 where I finally admitted defeat. Bravo, bravo! The music got a little repetative, but that was fine. A pause function is needed, and maybe upgrades per level but I'm not sure if that would ruin the challenge of the different levels. The setups of enemy formation were also fantastic and very challenging. A highly enjoyable game, well worth playing! Be warned- it's addictive!


freeworldgroup responds:

thanks : - ) hmmm there is a pause - hit 'P' or simly click on the menu button bottom right - will pause the game.