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Megaman: Ultimate Enemy

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*If you're wondering about VG related stuff go check my deviantart*
Megaman: The Ultimate Enemy

One day I was checking out YTMND and I saw this Megaman video called "Megaman rejected boss" or somethign close to that... Anyways, I thought it would be fun to make a flash that's like that (The YTMND thing being just a picture)

So I phoned my pal SSS and we made a cartoon together

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this was how i discovered newgrounds when i was a kid lol

Megaman Got Peanut butter jelly and bareball bat!

It makes rhythm with Mega Man 4, Boss Theme and the song of Peanut butter jelly time. HILARIOUS!!! :-D =) :'-) Memorable forever.

I really wasn't expecting this to be that good. I mean it did start off as just a single gag. I can't really support that. It actually did have a really cool fight scene! I thought he would just easily defeat Banana Man or vice versa. Instead, it was really cool and creative.

I especially loved the slow motion bit. I'm surprised no one has done this before. That guy's name is Banana Man! I haven't seen him in awhile. How victorious.

hahahah that was fucking awesome, and i'm not even stoned!