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Next update coming 28th February on www.linion.com
Also, I have started making Linion 2...

New guide + walkthrough now on site.

If you have a Flash job you'd like me to do, for a small fee, e-mail me at game@linion.com


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Highly buggy, heavily fluctuating difficulty, and the infamous "Restart the game" death screen but even with all this the sheer power of nostalgia keeps me from rating below a 4. One thing this game has going for it is a intuitive yet tough to master battling system that I have yet to see in any other rpg. For any newcomers, If you manage to look past all the bugs you will discover a fun little timewaster that has become the favorites of many for a reason. Sad however that the Linion 2 was never finalized.


This game is good, for its time, the same way the first computer was good for its time. It does not hold up to today. It is very painful, exceedingly painful. Constant grinding, running into a fight in the open world every 3 steps, and one area which took me 1-2 hours to walk through (no save in between).

This game is lovely and was great for its time but for the love of all that is holy, do not play this. If you are SET, 110% set, I will leave a guide for this 10 year old flesh game made by a single person.

Pain Notes: if you die, you have to reload the page. The save points are the blue things and their are like 5 of them in the game. You will literally run into an enemy every 3 feet in open world. if you click equip with an item in your inventory, you lose the one you currently have.

1. fight the civilian, gain money, buy best gear
2. magician gives levels (don't matter except for the first 10 in everything) and blacksmith gives 200 gold.
3. once you have the best gear in town and are around level 15, grind up to 20,000 gold and go to the new place, you'll need it for the silver flute, new weapon, gauntlets and etc.
4. sigh heavily as you go through the goblin stronghold
5. unlock really cool party member (equip him and his attack and note his level and when he gains abilities)
6. train train train and train until you can beat the magic merchant back in town.
7. grind money
8. fight the swordsman and grind levels because why not.
9. travel to the magical forest and go right and up forever. (you can commence crying)
10. reach the village and ignore the villagers equipment entirely)
11. go through the cave of pure evil (you can now commence drinking)
12. reach the wonderous end after 2 hours. travel right. save. Stop playing and just relax from insanity.
13. fight the swordsman, gather 30,000, go all the way right, buy diamond lance.
14. grind more for dragon plate left and right and mythril helmet.
15. talk to inn keeper.
16. travel, fight boss, beat game.
17. save.
18. cry and drink as you realize that you'll have to go back through that cave and gain like 70 more levels if you want to be a completionist and fight that one king and beat the arena.

Literally enjoyable. If I have to use the arrows keys and the mouse in order to play a game, then the game becomes a chore.

One Of The Worst Part Is If You Die You Have To Reload The Webiste

Wow this was my favorite game when I was a kid, I loved how open the game is and how different the battle system was (The real time fighting and reaction was one of the most engaging, and even today I still think its an awesome system!), when I was a kid nothing played like it it was so interesting!!!! I really really really loved this game and I was skimming through new grounds for the last two days to find it again because i remembered how much fun it was, To be honest this game is so nostalgic thank you so much for making this game!!

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4.12 / 5.00

Nov 18, 2006
12:26 PM EST
Adventure - RPG