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Linion RPG

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Next update coming 28th February on www.linion.com
Also, I have started making Linion 2...

New guide + walkthrough now on site.

If you have a Flash job you'd like me to do, for a small fee, e-mail me at game@linion.com


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Challenging, a lot of unique animations since you can fight everyone, addicting, and still holds up. One of the best flash rpgs of the olden days.

Still one of the most charming and unique flash games I've played to date! I find myself coming back to this every year or so and the nostalgia hits every time.

It's clunky, repetetive, grindy, poorly balanced, a bugfest and generally all over the place (I'm looking at you, infamous ally-vanish-bug).
Still, the unique and simple mechanics and the cutesy atmosphere make for so much fun! You can fight almost every npc you encounter and there's no artificial boundaries. You can walk up to the king at the very beginning of the game and get shredded in a single attack, you can start doing the main questline right away (if you are skilled enough) or you can just stay and grind up increasingly harder npcs until you can beat everyone in town. I live for this kind of freedom in games. It's something many games nowadays lack.

For all its flaws, this game is a true gem and desperately needs a revival!

This game is the reason Flash is losing support in 2020. It aged so poorly and the plot might be nice if it wasn't so mechanically chunky and repetitive in terms of gameplay and art. Enemy attacks are either too easy to dodge or impossible to dodge and random encounters occur every other step. Between that and the long swathes of copy-pasted rooms and corridors, every dungeon, every stretch of the game that wasn't in a town felt like a slog.

this needs fullscreen i cant read anything!

One of the greatest games to have ever graced us with its presence. Literally defined my love of Rpg games and will forever go down in my life as one of the best games I've ever played. I still remember spending hours at a time running through all the areas and such, fighting the king, buying upgrades. After 14 years, I still remember and hope anyone reading this remembers aswell. I just wish I got to play the beta of Linion 2.