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a SMB3 Tale I

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SMB3TALE II IS PLANNED FOR NOVEMBER 20th, wich is also my birthday! So write it down, haha!

*Thank all who voted for this, weekly 5, yay!*
*FRONTPAGE? WOW! My first ever! Thanks alot!*
*Thank you, Newgrounds, for this Daily Feature!*

My anwer to all the Epic Sprite movies everywhere. This is my biggest, longest and best movie ever! Made because I absolutely love Super Mario Bros. 3, and I really like expressing my own adventures and scenes. I have worked on this piece since August 2005, and now, In 2006, It is finally done!
I Hope you guys enjoy. - 2nd

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watched the whole series) nice job good animation, nice sprites and nice storyline:) And the use of the SMB3 music and sofx very nice, brings back memories of when I played the game hours upon hours :)

Fantastically well told

This fantastic and epic retelling of the mario 3 story was just action packed and extremely well animated. If i could have seen a animation movie that had all of the original sprite bosses from the Mario series, i would definitely watch this. Well Done Callum Stamp.


I'm also a huge SMB3, as I grew up in the Nintendo era. This was a very well made video. I cannot believe this does not have more reviews! Definitely a great piece of work. I am going to go watch part 2 right now :)


i loved the smoot animation and it was really cool to see bowser kick some ass.

Not bad, but kinda slow.

It wasnt the greatest, but I found the concept interesting. It makes me wish we could have fought like that back on the NES XD. Only problem was it seemed a bit slow when they were not fighting.