Reviews for "a SMB3 Tale I"

nice story

if i see this i think some voice's from new super mario bros and other stuff.
great job man

I MIND IT!!!!!!!!

The animation is great.

This was really well done. The animations look really good and it shows you put a lot of hard work in it. The fighting is cool and I enjoed every second of it.

Rasengan good, instant pwnage bad

It was awesome especially cuz of that fire rasngan and rhe pirahnas. But why did Luigi get incredibly pwned in the first part. That pissed me off. Luigi couldve kicked a little ass. It made him look weak. Awesome fic tho


that was something worth watching.. but dude.. are luigi and mario related to naruto? cuz i think they made quite a good fire rasengan against bowser XD


Dude, that was hilarious. I mean just hilarious.

Keep up the good work!