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Broken Saints Chapter 4

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In this chapter, Kamimura (the Japanese Shino priest) meditates in the countryside and has a horrible vision of a dark and twisted city in the West...and an evil force that could destroy the entire world. His vision is the key to the mystery of the Saints.

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A great story

Wow those opening scenes really get me every time artistic in its own way, you have some nice work its like clicking on a painting and boom a whole world opens up so here again no changes needed at all its fantastic, so much energy pushed forward on this one so I was most impressed with the story but the visuals themself are something really good, you have some nice ideas and showcase them, you have some great visions that you bring forward here I was very impressed

so here again no changes needed at all its fantastic


Just Great

Chapter 4 of Broken Saints and now the story is starting to come together, liking every second of it so far and the artwork and the plots are just fantastic.


The series is great, a good reminder of the old DC comics mixed with newer stuff like that of Heroes, and the weaving of multiple plots together is great.

good ass series

bad ass


I like the idea how it starts of boring then ends up really interesting and awesome.