The Ninja part 1

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its not really good, but i hope youll like it.


I gave you a 4 for humor

No offense intended, but when the ninja jumped I couldnt help but laugh.

Im glad you dropped the stick figures on this one, your FxF on this animation was so much better, and therefor will have credit.

To be honest, im quite suprised that the score isnt over 2.5, but anyway, keep at the good work.


this movie was stole from sam greens last resort same music and same things happen this is a complete rip off

It Was OK

It could of used some more work, but it was good in some ways.

Needs work... but nice

It's kind of strange that you made a DBZ reference with a ninja. I think you should get rid of the ninja personally. When I think of a ninja I think of something that's going to slice up someone with a sword, vanish quickly, and move like the wind (along the lines of Naruto).
I'm agreeing with the previous comments as far as the music and animation goes too.

i agree

i can tell its heverly influenced by DBZ but it has potential. keep working on your animation and graphics and these should be really good.

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1.71 / 5.00

Oct 15, 2006
1:43 PM EDT
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