F.U. Too: Director's Cut

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Front Page: October 2 - October 4 2006

This is a trimmed down and continuous re-edit of F.U. Too. I had to cut a bunch out of it to get it under the 16,000 frame limit that flash has. For a more diffenitive F.U. Too watch parts one and two - there's a lot of stuff in them that's not in this.

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when i first saw the graphics and very first bit of animation, i thought(this is going to be amateur and retarded) but omg that was awesomely hilarious.


Awesome! Extreamly funny. I love your work.

*positive title*

I love this flash. While the graphics may not be top-of-the-line, the style and the story is great. The way everything clicks together at the end is neat. And the songs are good too.

MY longest laugh, best movie ever!!

I loved this movie so much, when i first watched it i thought, omg how long is this movie going to take, its been over 20 minutes aleady, but really this movie is the best i have seen on newgrounds. The story line is so jumbled between different problems, its like an actual tv show. You should try and work on this for a month, maybe even a week and then try to sell it on dvd like college university, but seriosly, there is a resaon this got on the front page, and if i ran this site it would still be there! Best flash i have ever seen and yet the longest laugh i have had in my life, then again im a teenager but yet, extremely funny, i showed it to my friends and they didn't think any different. I mean god, if a 13 second flash takes 4 hours to make, i can't belive how long a 30 minute flash takes.

rockymike responds:

Hey, I'm glad you liked it. We actually sold around 10 of these on DVD (F.U. and F.U. Too together actuallly) they sold out pretty quick but I've been meaning to make more. PM me if you are interested. Also, this particular video took six months to make.


This is the best thing by far that I have seen so far on this site. I love teh story line , I love the puns from others movies you have put in. I think this is a true work of art I love this and would like you to keep up the good work (p.s. I found a little flaw in the movie. near teh start Right after teh coffee in the face battle. Back at the coffee shop you can see D in the window walking towards the door with his shirt perfect. After we walks through its torn up and he has a cut on his chest.)

rockymike responds:

Hey, that's a good catch. I did it knowing that there was a continuity error at that part. I didn't think anyone would catch it though. You've got some good eyes. Thanks for the review.

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4.42 / 5.00

Sep 29, 2006
12:18 AM EDT
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