Gypsy Boxer

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A first of mine.

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Groovy. B-)

Nice it is.

This is a nice track. You can kinda dance to it. Do you mind if I use this in an upcoming video of mine?


Although it's a really close remake to The Matrix, it's darn awesome. And besides, it's not like you just took the music directly from the soundtrack, and submitted it, like I know some would. Honestly, besides the bassline, and that one sound, it's not that alike, but it gives you the same feeling. Really worked well in Fight Me!

Fabulous! :)

This is great. It kind of reminds me of the Matrix for some reason...

Snatch Inspired!

This is probably my favorite audio submission in the portal. I've used it in two videos so far (though they're essentially the same video) and I plan on using it in an upcoming release. You need to make some more. That's all I can say. I believe that you were inspired to do this song because of the movie Snatch. It sounds like a song from Snatch and even your title, Gypsy Boxer, seems inspired by Snatch. The scene that I'm currently putting this song into is inspired by Sntach, so everything fits perfectly.