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DS Ibby's Hair Restorer

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After finally getting this crazy thing through judgement we went straight back to the drawing board. Our story of one mans quest to regrow his hair is now extended with new scenes.
As it has never been fully finished it is now viewable on deviantArt- see below.

See the latest little piece of work on this- an interactive of Ibby's lab, with new items for the shelves:
http://icedragon64.deviantart.com/art/Ibby-s-Lab-9 8297150

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I'm really shocked that you only used Windows Media stock sound files to pull this off. I never would have guessed--and it fits the animation so well.

++Very nice quality--I love the colorful world. Nice attention to detail, especially with the smoke coming out of the carts at the airport.

-When the car screeched to a hault, the streak lines stopped before the car did, which shouldn't have happened.

-The beginning Ibby's Hair Restorer title shot had far too high of a contrast between the red text and the blue bg.

++I love the facial expressions of Ibby's lips. How did you do that? I'm guessing you fbf'd that. I'm not sure, but it's a fantastic effect that you pulled off. I've never see something like that before.

+Nice factory shots and inside jokes with the labels. They were on screen for just the amount of time needed to get the joke, which was expertly done.

I really liked the simple story but it would have been nice if there was more conflict as a whole. Still, it was a wonderfully made flash animation.

IceDragon64 responds:

Thank you so much for your detailed review.
1. I am proud of the sounds. I set my heart on doing it this way and some of the scenes, such as the lift, were created to use the sound! The sounds are made speeding up, slowing down and mixing sounds- the car, the lorry and the plane are the same sound! The smoke out of the forklift truck took 21/2hours of getting it wrong before I got it right!
3. I will imporve the skid marks
4. I will check out the contrast
5. Lips were FBF. I took ed77's 2 second animation and developed it, altering each frame of his FBF and inserting another 30 frames. ed77 (the real Ibby) is such an over the top, expressive person he doesn't do small smiles!
This is SUCH a controversial movie! people LOVE or HATE the MS sounds and after all that effort on the lips, for example, it got blammed 3 times! This is already a labour of love and its far from finished yet!

cool one

that was a cool and amusing animation. nice audio in this one, the character was pretty cool, very amusing idea and outcome to this one, good entertainment and your efforts were nice. i think that the drawings/graphics in this one were a little bit sloppy and could've been better in this one. if you're having troubles... there are many tutorials that will be able to help you out.
overall, it was a cool animation.

IceDragon64 responds:

I am so amused that you and Bezman like the sound, since others panned it becuase of the source, without considering the quality, the aptness or the adaption in the sounds.
I have spent hours improving the graphics and adding to them already, but I want it to be better, so I will go back to the drawing board and improve where it is reasoanble to do so. Thank you for your attention.
Best Wishes,

end, I jus

+++ The resourceful use of MS sounds was amusing.

-- It was a bit aurally empty though. Some bgm could work well mebbe.

+ The 2 jokes when he was working on the formula raised a smile.

+ The author names (hugh Mann particularly) raised a smile.

---- Most of the story is boring and predictable. There's no obstacles, he just chooses what to do and then he gets it. There's no revelations or interesting stuff that we see after his first success.
Maybe you could have used that to show some funny effects of folk having all this hair... old men being able to woo the grannies... maybe some bald kids with chemotherapy or whatever are able to strut with their new Elvis-style dos?
Or maybe you should've had some actual problem/obstacles arise with the production? Maybe some crazy guy doesn't want him to make the formula? Maybe the failed formulas are making him less and less human, emaciating him and draining his life?

--- The start is too sudden - we're given no explanation as to who he is, and the revelation that he's a baldy comes out of no-where. Maybe the start could have been him walking along a street and people smirking at his baldiness. Maybe he has a dream where he's a guy with loads of hair and then he wakes up, inspired to find a formula when he sees he's still just a baldy? That's just off the top of my head, but basically, something establishing who he is, maybe giving a chance for some personality to come across, would be nice.

-- Art is too basic and not clean either.

+ I do like the 'D' at the start.

It kinda made me smile at points, and kept me vaguely entertained, but at the end, I just thought, 'is that it?' I was expecting more really.

I skimmed a few of your previous responses and also saw the stuff when you click the paper and note that there's gonna be some crazy problems with too much hair. That sounds good.

IceDragon64 responds:

Hello again, what a wonderfully thoughtul person you are! IHR has come a long way and it still has a long way to go. Originally I set out only to get earthdragon's 2 second hair restoring face through judgement with a few gimmicky, simpl scenes, but others feel, like you that ther needed to be a 'point'. It gets through judgement OK simply becuase it has all the baisics and lasts long enough. Trust me, the Dragons, with our Spirit friends to help, will work on this. I have promised the final resub in the Spring, with lots more to it. It is much harder to keep improving than to make new from scratch!
With your encouragement, I will carry on, and I will put the key parts into the alphas and PM you.
Best Wishes,

Great idea

It was a good idea. Some good jokes. but you could get in more jokes.

I am sorry about making you wait for hammerthrow 7.

/ MC

IceDragon64 responds:

OK. Comedy is more your thing than education! We plan to include more jokes in the final resub version of this we are working on.
Looking forward to H7


I think it would be alot better if you woked on your drawing skills. Now I know it's in flash, but there are simple solutions to incoporate quality drawings. Firstly, you must first make a sketch. Secondly you must scan in this sketch, and couler the sketch. Thirdly you must import it to flash. This is the hardest part, so read carfully. Make sure your image is saved in either a bitmap or J-peg format. Import things like you normally would, then click on it; goto the modifier menu and click trace bitmap. Set the settings, you may have to play around with it somewhat. And erase the uncoulered part of your drawings. This is the best way to aquire quality graphics on your flash. You may want to practice drawing more, but you definatly have potential. I'm assuming you drew this on flash, so i'm interested on what you could do out of flash. Theres many books out there on drawing, so get to it. Your concept was a great idea, but the lack of voices made it impersonal and bleak. The over use of sound effects lowered the quality of your flash, if used a little less it would make all the difference. Great idea, great concept just rework it and you'll have a front pager for sure;)

IceDragon64 responds:

Thank you very much for your detailed and helpful review. If I ever need to use art that detailed I will learn the tracing method you described. The biggest lesson I have learnt in IHR is start with high quality- it is so much harder to add it afterwards. ed77's original 2 second hair-restored image is a case in point- I should have taken the idea and work with it from scratch (in a higher frame rate!) When I was blammed I was impatient to put in ideas and get through. All my drawings in IHR were freehand from the top of my head except the basin, which was pencil sketched first.
In future all full-scale drawings will have 3d perpective. re the sounds- I didn't have a mic! If you care to view (review?) DS Dragon Quiz you can hear that we have borrowed one.
IHR will be rework one last time (it has been through judgement 5 times already)There will be real photos, slightly improved graphics, new scenes a better ending and a tiny amount of real voice. If you get any further thoughts pleasePM me I really do use them.

Credits & Info

2.89 / 5.00

Aug 24, 2006
7:10 PM EDT

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