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Reviews for "DS Ibby's Hair Restorer"


it's nice to see the occasional animation where someone doesn't get their head blown off. there should be more people like you :D
loved the use of windows noises btw

IceDragon64 responds:

I will PM you when I do more then. I have lots of projects on the way and no-one loses their head in any of them! there ARE more people like me- the Dragons & Spirits include a number of Flash authors who have similar values- all working on projects at present.
You liked the Windows sounds? OMG! Your the first!
Sadly, IHR is being maliciously voted down by someone regularly. You can see by the slow tick of votes against the flow of good reviews. Whoever it is tracks the reviews too. Sad individual with no life!
Thanks for your support.
Best Wishes,
IceDragon of the Dragons & Spirits
PS. Congratulations on the award.

i remember this one

im glad to see it finally pass, good job with the overhaul

what people seem to forget is no one is born with super skills with flash, or anything else, it takes practice and dedication which can so easily be snuffed out by bad reviews and having your hard work snubbed as being below par

i hope you and earthdragon77 continue with flash, and im glad to hear he's been perked up by this success

those super skills that many expect from flash artists will come, all it takes is time and a love of what your trying to do

good luck with your next movie

IceDragon64 responds:

Thank you for your kind comments. I assure you there is more on the way. ed77 and myself now have a mic, so we are able to finish a lot of outstanding work.
Do PM me if you have any ideas for IHR or IHR 2.
Best Wishes
It amuses me that a week after judgement some sad individual is reading our reviews every day and marking the good ones as unhelpful even when they make suggestions!

Very well done!

The backgrounds on every scene was done with care, time and precision.
It looked very well.

The sounds gave it a comical effect which I enjoyed.
It added nicely to the rest of the animation.

The character looked a bit strange but was still good!
Work on that a bit.

Some of the animation wasnt the greatest but still worked very well with the overall animation.

The story was a little weak but that was good for a first flash.
Its better than the usual fight to the death.

I loved the little jokes you left here and there.
It was great because you didnt even need spoken words.

Overall I thought it was very well done for a first flash and all you need is to brush up on your animation skills.

Good luck in future flashes.

IceDragon64 responds:

Thank you very much for your time and attention.
It is true that the story isn't quite there yet; it needs a better ending, which we will make.
The basic character was simply what I was given by earthdragon77 to make a flash with, although I have improved it quite a bit, believe it or not!
I was tempted to change crazy eyes, but somehow it is part of the eccentric appeal to those who like it.
I assure you there are more on the way with our own distinctive and original style.- and better sounds!

It was ok but I'm in a good mood...

"You gave this entry a 5!
You're the saviour! You are one of a number of people who have helped keep this entry in the Portal!"

you can thank me later

IceDragon64 responds:

It takes generous people like you to make up for the noobs who vote zero on work taking hours and hours to do.
Thank you!

Why the hell did you use Windows sounds?

There are sites that let you download sound for free you know. I cna't believe it. You even ripped a few off PowerPoint. You are deperate. Here's a good site with lots of good SFX.
www dot flashkit dot com (the stupid review thing won't let me put in the address normaly).

IceDragon64 responds:

My decision to use Windows sounds has created an amazing response. People have got really emotional about it in past reviews. Until someone shows that there is something wrong with the sounds technically, I have no intention of changing it. However, I will need sites such as Flashkit, so thanks. I will put an explanation for the sounds in the movie. Do PM me if you have any thoughts about the actual movie...