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Clockplane Flyer

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Fly the clockplane as far as you can! Blow into the microphone to make it go up, stop to make it go down. HAPPY CLOCK DAY 2006

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Solid game good controls and had some solid mini games

Good controls, average game

An entertaining little game, with two sets of controls. The original is meant to be the microphone entry, which is good, but gets you tired very quickly from all the constant blowing. The other involves just hitting the space bar, which is quite frankly boring and far too easy.

This seems like a fun little mini game, just the kind of thing you'd expect to find in Wario Ware or the like. Perhaps if there was more obstacles to avoid, or a more widely varied course, or even make a race like game with other clocks in other planes that ypu have to outrun.

Enjoyable, but entirely forgettable.

Simple but fun

Well I have mixed opinions on this game depending on what the controls are.
So I reviewed both control schemes.

Well this was a clever idea for sure.
Blowing makes the paper airplane go higher.
But it's a bit annoying how sensitive the mic can be.
I blow in it a little and he goes from bottom to top very fast.
It's fun how challenging it was though.

Now this was a lot more enjoyable.
Although a bit too easy.
It wan't much of a challenge at all.
But it was still a lot more addicting

I liked the concept of the game.
But it suffered overly simple graphics design.
It wasn't exactly a piece of art, but it was still fun.


I liked it. It was fun.

A good simple game.

Nice game for Clock Day 2006 though it got pretty boring fast considering there we're not obsticles in the way and even if there we're then it would be way too hard cause Strawberry Clock was going so fast on the plane it would take less then a second to see something coming but i also like the feature of blowing into the microphone to make the plane go up,overall nice simple game just not a lot to it really to make it elite.

Credits & Info

3.86 / 5.00

Aug 15, 2006
8:16 AM EDT