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Reviews for "Clockplane Flyer"

lol, interesting

It's pretty hard :s I had o resort to tapping repeatedly to get it to respond. Could we be seeing the birth of new form of gaming?

Interresting but boring

The graphics were great, and the whole microphone idea was interresting, but I don't think I should be a loser since I don't have one. This game idea has been done befre, and it's not very hard. You could have added music at least to spice it up, or something. Thy and make this more interresting.

GlaielClock responds:

there. added music.

A good submission.

This is one of the better submissions submitted today. It may be a clone of all those other click-to-avoid games, but with the microphone it was fun and was like a Wario Ware Touched mini-game. keep up the good work!

Happy Clock Day '06!

GlaielClock responds:

lol thanks. All i did was put a clock on an unfinished game though. Glad you liked it. HAPPY CLOCK DAY!
~glaiel gamer