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Black Dragon Phase 1

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Update: Thanks for the reviews. If you're having trouble with the game, there's a quick guide at the bottom of this description.

The first phase of a role playing game flash project, which I work on in my spare time. Each phase is reasonably short so that it can be submitted in full here. Unfortunately I still had to cut some audio effects and the quality to bring down the file size, but it didn't have any substantial impact on the overall presentation.

The whole story was written first, and than I decided to bring it to life in flash. The characters are mostly art-driven and merge into the overall story, this is because they're designed by friends of mine. (They design, I draw.)

Finally, I submitted a project of the same story and genre months ago. This is the *new* and *improved* version.

***Please read the instructions before you play!***


*I forgot to add the instruction that you press 'Spacebar' again to close the game bars. I resubmitted the .swf file to add that instruction which is under review.

- Puzzle 1: Blue Orbs: All 5 orbs must be lit up
to open the door. Find the orb which lights up 'itself' and another.
- Puzzle 2: Freeing Pyro: If you use secret detection in the room with the table, you'll see a drawing on the wall. That points to how you free Pyro. Note: You must talk to Pyro first.
- Puzzle 3: Runes on the book: This is more of a code than a puzzle. If you go into the room with the rupture(white crack) and use secret detection
it emphasises you watch the floor.

- Guardian Boss: If you're having trouble with the boss, the best way to fell him is to spend all your magic points into 'Wind' magic for Venom, and 'Fire' for Pyro(obviously). Than simply use 'Tornado' and 'Inferno' until he is dead. If you haven't read the instructions, you spend points in your characters magic abilities to make them more powerful, by opening the game bars (space bar) and proceeding to magic.

- Extras: Extra little things Venom picks up when using Secret Detection are just for some additional content, like Pyro extinguishing the torches. The idea was to reduce abstraction in the game so that not 'everything' that was dectected holds some significants to the game.

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i dont know why but this flash remind me of aventure quest /End sarcasm xD
cant really give a complete review as it is only a 2-3 battles and 2-3 puzzles shample, even less than a normal demo, but it still look like having a good potential wit the battle and stat/party system.