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Shooting People For Fun 2

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Here it is! 3 months of hard work!

Also check out the new Shooting People Dressup:

to those of you who asked: The deathcount was 35 including the preloader guy and the helipilot.

enjoy it!

11/17/2001: Work on ShootingPeopleForFun 3 started a few weeks ago and progress is fast.

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"Dedicated to the victims of 9/11" I'm just gonna pretend I didn't see that, cuz it makes no sense that a video about killing innocents should pay homage to that...

Anyways... The animation was actually quite good, and if it wasn't, this would be terrible. The only other thing going for it was the end where it was discovered this was all done during his lunch break. Obviously this was more suited for old Newgrounds users, when the site was more violence oriented. However the idea of shooting random people will never be appealing to me for obvious reasons...

I noticed you didn't portray the execution of children, is there a reason for that?

Fun little flash, plenty of violence!

Has good humor in it

The graghics, perspection, and actual gun usage is off. the sniping part used an automatic rifle, and he did not reload once. there would definatelly be more than 3 cops in this, he would have special forces on his ass for sure.


I'm just wondering how he was able to carry all those guns. Overall though it was great.