Reviews for "Shooting People For Fun 2"


can we attuly play the game....

dam funny

haha the funny part 4 me was the ending hes about 2 kil him then the alarm comes in 2 save him


Funny movie! Good animations and made me laugh at some parts.

A fast-paced bunch of violence :D

I love it but it's not the top flash, y'know? The drawing was kinda crude but who the hell am I to judge? I expected it to be a bit more gory, though, too (I didn't deduct any rating from that). The ending was pretty good, too, made me laugh a bit :)


that was some funny shit bro. but its called shooting PEOPLE for fun so for every person besides the main character that wasnt killed by a bullet/rpg i gotta deduct a point (building guy, waiter, tanker guy, pager guy, co worker guy)