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FF One + WoW

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Please do not blam because of sprites!

I'm gonna try my hand at sprites,I'm using 8 bit sprites but I did draw my own backgrounds. If this gets blammed, I will go through it and make it longer and better! If it gets through, I will use better sprites in the next one, and the story line will continue!

The White Wizard is patrolling Elweyn forest when he runs into a high class member from the Horde. They are plotting to take the forest, I major trade ground to the alliance!

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(( Interesting ))

Well this was interesting and did remind me of the old ff games, the characters were decent, and i really like the navigation system at the top it helped to move things along, anyways decent flash, keep up the good work.

Maybe abit of extra effects in the attacks.

Abit odd but it was a neat flash.


it wasnt bad and it wasnt good

somewhere in between but just try to make it better and more enjoyable!!

WTF is this!?

I never gave a bad review...but this movie S-U-C-K-S. HARD. I don't even know why this qulifys as a flash. I had bad graphics,sub-par music, wasn't funny and had little or no violence.

CemeteryGates responds:

If youve never played FF7 or WoW you'll have no clue what this is...your mother sucks cocks in hell

I hated it!!!!!

Worst Flash I have ever seen!!!

Very Nice

Its a sprite movie yes,for all you low-voters.Its bound to be a bit messy.At least he took the time to make a movie.And i think its good.
Just 1 tip,Dont use shape tweens that much