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Little Tree Pond

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Author Comments

From a small pond the stream tumbles down... through rapids and villages.

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i heard this piece about a year ago and it still send chills down my spin when i hear it 10 out of 10 for sure

Esn responds:

Thanks ebunnie. :)


It was good. I enjoyed it. Keep up the good work.

Very nice!

I'd say that's the best violin work I've ever heard on NG, and probably the most original piece too.

MaestroRage's work used to be my favorite, but it seems done-before, unlike this incredibly fresh work. Once again, Excellent job! I'm looking forward to you stealing a few spots in the top 10 soon. :)

I don't recall ever giving 10's all across before!

Quite rippingly good times.

Maestro sent me here saying I should really listen to this piece.I guess this will be the first time I thank him for actually bossing me around all the time. The bastard...

If what you say is true, for a second composition this is pure brilliant. I would assume you've devoted your life to music, I myself have devoted my time to lego! Yes, lol at my uselessery.

This is kind of... celtic origin? It sounds so, reminds me vaguely of Heroes of Might and Magic 4's music. Have you ever heard? If not, I really think you should, it's friggen amazing too. Anyways I don't have anything to add or remove really, just wanted to drop my support, 5/5 and all that. Good stuff! I give you a beer.

Esn responds:

Thanks, Inseperable. I've been told a lot that my music sounds vaguely Celtic - I always shoot for "Russian" but my harmonic knowledge isn't complex enough for that yet. Of course, I love Celtic stuff as well - I think the music in the Brackenwood flashes is awesome, for example.

This WAS my second composition that I finished; I did about 4 very rough 16-bar things before I did this one but I don't think that they count... as for my first, I'll upload it soon (now that I can finally make a decent mp3 of it).

As for my life... well, who knows? I have too many interests! Music attracts me, though, because it seems like I will have a bit more freedom in that field (if only because "studio suits" probably don't know enough about music to micro-manage it). I'm trying to switch into the music program at York University from the professional writing program (which is rather too snobbish for me).

I do know of Heroes of Might & Magic - you're right, there is a similarity! :-)

Thanks for your review.

Truly excellent work.

... well I must say I am definately glad you brought my attention to your works. This is by FAR the best sounding song on NG I have ever heard. I am afraid you will have to recieve all 10's across, and to date this will only be the second time I do this.

I am a HUGE strings fan, so to hear that violin really just pushed my ears to the edge and then gently oh so very gently pushed them off that edge... now I have to find the bloated corpse somewhere...

The melody is exceptional, when I first started making music THIS was the kind of music I wanted to end up creating! I must know how long you've been composing, and where you got your inspiration and so forth.

As a final request could I also have the music sheet or midi for this song? I would really love to study and learn from this!

Enough with my flattery though, lets get on with the song.

The mood of the song changes incredibly effectively and so drastically, it's quite impressive. As if literally I enter another room and the transition is as long as it takes me to open the door and walk through.

My only ONLY suggestion I have for this song, is perhaps some percussional aspects, you know, a triangle hit, or when some timpini, I feel the two would really add another layer to the power of this piece as a whole.

The end, where it got softer, you have no idea how much that moved me. I am quite a fan of softer, sadder tones.

Awesome stuff, if you submit any other works, do keep me informed. Easily a 5/5 from me, EASILY! Keep them coming Esn.

Esn responds:

I'm very flattered by your praise, as I think that most of your work is fantastic. This piece, actually, was only the second one that I ever composed... I wrote it in grade 12 - I was in the Claude Watson music program in Toronto - and it had to be for a specific instrumentation (violin, cello and piano). It is played by the Gryphon Trio (who were sightreading, by the way) so any compliments on the playing must go to them. I know that my pieces often lack good percussion (although in this case it couldn't be helped), and that's because I'm simply rather clueless about how to compose for percussion. I'm much more in my element writing soulfull melodies in natural minor keys.

My inspiration for this came from just a whole slew of melodies that I created on my keyboard - they come into my head all the time, then I record them on my keyboard so that I can remember them later. This piece is made up of a few of them, although some of them are significantly altered from what they originally were (the bass line of the cello in the first fast section at the beginning was originally a melody in 3/4 time). There are some flaws here that I'm aware of - for example, the key change is a bit awkward (from A- to Bb+... there's no way to really do that seamlessly, is there?). And the piano line is rather monotonous sometimes.

Still, I'm glad that people like it. Now if only there was some correlation between the quality of the music and the quality of the flash submissions that use it. ;)

Anyway, I'll send you the files... thanks for the review.

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4.75 / 5.00

Jun 27, 2006
5:50 AM EDT
File Info
3.8 MB
4 min 6 sec

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