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Denzean Knights

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Dont just vote 0 and say its crap, you need to give a real reson why you dont like it, it would halp heeps.

The game should run at 25 fps. I dont know what is casing the lag, It my be some of the programming.

You can move and attack as well as jump and attack.

Elina of the denzean knights hyas been sent out to stop the Shadow Clan.

Help Elina fight the Shadow Clan by Jumping and slashing your way through 5 levels.

Can you fined all of the hidden images for the image gallery?

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what to say

enemies cant even turn around. graphics are bad. gameplay was boring. the hardest thing it was jumping because that just sucked.


I was hooked at the description from a friend...
So i logged on, went on to Newgrounds and then on this.
It said error number: 12930 had occured... What does that mean?
Please tell me....?

Repetitive, Buggy, and really just Boring

Well to begin with the game takes no skill as you just jump over an enemy and you are virtually invincible from behind, besides that the blue thingies and the rest of the collectibles were easy to find. The animation was crappy quallity wise and having to look at stuff like that was just stupid and annoying. Really it was an overall easy game although I can tell you put a lot of effort in I can give you a no higher score than 6. Learn to find what people enjoy and don't then try making games again.

It's good

But I agree with the guy below me, it is quite annoying that she yells with every move she makes. But that game could have been better, the jumping was also a bit laggy sometime.

perhaps it would be better

if she wasnt yelling when she jumped and attacked, that gets annoying, but overall good idea