Flush the Wave

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I made this movie with inspiration from a song that I really like. The song is made by Critcal Hit, a band in which I play.

The movie is pretty long and it is well worth looking at and listening to. I have worked hard on this movie for several months. It is my first offical flash movie, but I think you will agree that it is pretty damn beautiful (at least I hope so).

Well, enjoy...



the sound was good and funny. the graphics were kewl and the song "flying over the professors house was kewl". i like a wide variety of music from ICP to greenday to a variety of jazz and i think that song was good, mainly cuz it was funny due to the plot of the song. everything was great but the plot was lacking, thats the only negative i have to say at this point. i always try to give artists an idea on how they can improve. good job!

Fy fan va sjukt!

Haha det där var en riktigt skön rulle tycker jag. Historien var jävligt skön tycker jag, även fast den var lite morbid och jag kan inte säga att jag förstod precis allt.

Grafiken var mycket intressant. Mycket bra ibland, samtidigt som den kunde va slarvig också. Mest av allt var den intressant. Jag illar "Frame-by-Frame" animationerna.

Mycket bra musik. Passade bra till filmen. Snyggt jobbat!

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That ending was so gay...but thats a good thing!

McRhyme responds:

Hmm.. the ending yes. It's "different".

In response...

to the question u asked me in ur response to my review for Detective Forfrog, yes, i do play bass. I play in a band called Guilty As Charged, consisting of a great bunch of guys from my Sophmore class at the West Milford High School. We've known each other for as long as I can remember. I believe it takes true love for another person to be able to play true, beautiful music with them. Which is why i think the Red Hot Chili Peppers are my music idols, cuz they have an amazing love between them. If u ever get a chance to see E!'s bio of them, i suggest u watch it.
Anywho...I liked the graphics. And i found the error messages on the plane to be quite humorous. But the plot was kinda wierd, but thats not necessarily a bad thing.

McRhyme responds:

I like the RHCP too. Especially their recent stuff. The old shit is to drugged. Good luck with the band!

Why stop the music!

It was going great until the music stopped and the characters started talking.

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McRhyme responds:

Yeah, I know you thought it was serious up until that didn't you?! I think it's funny all the way through. It's very ironic in the style.

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3.52 / 5.00

Sep 16, 2001
1:11 PM EDT
Comedy - Original