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Gavin the Golf Goblin 2.5

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Gavin the pro golf goblin 2 - the new leves,
is a new level set for golf goblin 2.

This version of Gavin the pro golf goblin 2 has.
5 new levels to play
new music
improved graphics
alot less lag and can run on older computers better then the old part for golf goblin 2

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Blocky, slow

I can feel that you tried, but the true excitement of this game has been lost. You've created a slow, blocky and repetitive environment for this game, the complete opposite of what a good action game should be.

I like how you've incorporated the golf side of things in, it certainly makes teeing off a lot more interesting. But damn near all gameplay between each hit is dull. The repetitive use of the same characters to attack were obvious, the environment was poorly detailed and the character was blocky and irritating to control.

Doing this repetitively over a space of time just spells boredom to me.

Getting better

Well, I must say that it's better than the previous ones. Gavin is a great character. The game is better every time.


Nice Game 10/10 ;]


its a good game, but in lvl 2, the water just before the hole is glitchy

its good

good concept didnt have some vital components you need to have in a game eg:
-optional music, i was listening to linkin park (the best band ever) and it kept on annoying me. although that isnt to important.
-more ability's, and when i say that i dont mean throwing fireballs at people(although it would be cool but that would be for a different game)anywayz i was saying that i felt a bit limite because its only 2d not saying you need to, but its just something that makes a awesome game to a perfect game.
-more options, it was just that you had nothing else to do, and whenz i sayz dat my homies i like pinball in da same game(oh and i and not a cool bro, im practically the definition of skinny little white boy) i mean maybe something ellse to make the game play more interesting( not saying its not interest now, i mean an upgrade to make it even even better)
all together its a good game (i could add more but im taking up to muck space)
-and in case i sound like im angery or annoyed with the game, im not)