_-=[Waltzing with Madness]=-_

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A more battle version of _-=[Dancing with Darkness]=-_. This too, is about 70% complete.

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I swear i herd this before.

I can't tell where its from but i swear i herd this some where else before.

sounds like a boss battle....

sounds like the music you would hear during a boss battle in a over the top RPG
great job :D

i like it

wonderful work, but i cant see this as a battle song, i can see this a sort of assasianation song, you know when one orders the deaths of agents and whoever and this song played as a montage of their deaths. i like it


but is it me or does it sound like an FF7 song?

This is gives me a rush for sure

Sounds like music to go with a car chase scene in a move or something